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My name is Leopold Dimitry, sound engineer by trade, composer and I have a passion for design, audiovisual and new technologies.

3 years ago, with the help of a friend Gail Lleyton, who also has a passion for design and music; we created the brand « Black Phenix Revolution ».

In order to create the startup « Black Phenix Revolution » which will be a company centered on technological development and design, we present the concept of « Revolt. »

A wireless connected speaker; that is smart, fashionable and is the standard of quality. It will carry a new type of personal assistant « Ikki » capable of conversational interaction with the uservf as would a real person.

The highlight of our speaker compared to other models on the market comes not only from our design which is certainly very important, because we wanted to humanize it to differentiate ourselves from what is happening now, but also to attempt to give an unique and incomparable experience to future users.

The speaker will be able to advise users on any topic to provide an analysis and assist with learning as would a teacher as well as provide moral support, and encouragement in a similar manner as a coach in order to progress.

What will be the technical characteristics of the speaker?

The characteristics « planned for the moment » are:

– Speakers consist of a system with 2x Channel Mid and Hi Freq + 1x Sub Woofer delivering a power of 101 db

– Audio resolution: 32 bit/768 kHz

– 4 USB ports + Ethernet Port + HDMI port

– bluetooth /WI-FI connection

– 1 hard drive/ 250GB/ 500GB / 1TB

– On/Off button and volume selection

– Multicolor meter-view (dynamic 3D display)

– Personal assistant “ikki”

– 1 microphone

– Basic phone services allowing users to receive and make calls

– 4G/5G Compatible

– Call reception indicator (visual via the meter-view) with sound.

– 6 to 8 hours of battery life

– Dimensions: 300x193x170 mm

– Weight 4-6 kg

Smartphone Application – Tablet – PC

We expect an application compatible with iOS, Android and Windows for more options in terms of speaker settings and more interactivity.

What would be the total marketing cost of the product?

According to our studies conducted with the help of experts, we would need a budget of 2 million euros to set up the company and to start marketing the speaker.

Aware that this project is very ambitious, we decided to take a first step in this project by introducing it to you and begin the adventure by making a prototype of a value of € 10,000.

How will the money be used?

The first step is to collect 10,000 €that will allow us to manufacture an aspect prototype.

The aspect prototype is a model of the speaker without electronic components which will be used to demonstrate the concept and find partners, show the public interest to future investors as well as its feasibility, something that is currently not possible with 3D images.

Who will be responsible for manufacturing the aspect prototype and at what price?

Having contacted several companies, some caught our attention, our choice went to a French company of rapid prototyping that has been in the industry for 20 years.

Polyrepro is the company to whom we wish to entrust the creation of the prototype as soon as we reach the goal of the campaign.

How long it will take to manufacture the prototype aspect?

Time: about 15 to 20 work days, we will inform the progress on our social networks with photos and videos.

What will we do once the aspect prototype is created?

This will mean that the project has aroused your interest and your support, finally allowing us to stage the concept and physically present it at events such as SATIS (Technology Exhibition of Image and Sound) and gain credibility.

What will happen if we exceed the campaign goal?

We will do a big party … lol no seriously! Everything will depend on the amount.

We hope to exceed our goal which will allow us to create the company.

Below is a table of our financing goals for a long-term marketing:

In the tables shown above, you can see two proposals called « off the shelf » for the product with standard electronic components and « Rolls » for the product with electronic components of high quality developed in 3 stages:

Wp1: is a study which consist of choosing the components of the speaker according to our specifications (planned caracteristics)

WP2: is the second step consist of realizing the prototype which will be tested in real conditions.

Wp3: is the final step which consist of making this project industrializable for a large-scale production with a validation of the speaker’s safety standards.

Week (Wk): estimates in weeks

1 K €: 1000 €

Who will be in charge of the speaker mass production for marketing purposes?

For the past year, we have had the chance to be accompanied by Tessolve, a company that will be responsible for the conception and production of the finished product.

Will there be accessories?

And yes, we are also considering it. In the eventuality of the campaign considerably exceeding the specified amount, we also thought of accessories like:

– A fashionable and HI- tech storage and charging box

– A trendy carrying bag,

– A fashionable support piece.



Our partners:

Tessolve is a multinational provider of engineering solutions for semiconductor based in Bangalore, India.

Arrow Electronics is a US company listed in « Fortune 500 » established since 2011 in Englewood (Colorado), formerly based in Melville (NY). This company specializes in the distribution of electronic components and computer engineering solutions. It claims to be the distribution channel of more than 200 suppliers and 100,000 original industrial equipment in a global network of 470 offices in 55 countries.


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